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Christine Z.

Scot sold our townhome and found our dream home, simultaneously, amid a pandemic, and none of that would have happened without him. When he sold our townhouse before we found the next home, he negotiated terms into the deal, including an optional rent back if we needed it, to make sure we'd have ample buffer time to find and close on the new house. When we had nerves, he calmed them. And he never once asked or tried to convince us to do things differently, to drop the sale price, to come up with more money for purchase, to make more showings available when we were uncomfortable doing so re COVID concerns. He supported every one of our wishes, and he made things happen that we didn't even know were possible. He's aggressive, but not pushy, and he's kind and creative. He is exactly what we didn't even know we needed. A few other notes- On the house sale: we were obsessed with everything about our townhome, and so was Scot, and there was so much comfort in knowing our agent was our biggest supporter. Also, we felt his personality, lack of pushiness, and confidence in our home, was in line with us as the sellers, and we were proud to have him be our representative. On the house purchase: little did we know that in addition to getting an agent, we were also getting an [unofficial?] designer, contractor, child proof safety expert, landscaper, you name it. You know how normally your agents are superfluous and kinda just hang out while you look at the place? Not Scot. I actually didn't want to see places without him, because I needed his eye on everything. He makes it happen. From the search, to seeing hidden potential, to negotiating a deal under asking in the crazy hyped over asking market, to difficult terms of repairs, you name it. Quite literally, he made our dreams happen.

Tess R.

Oh, where to start. A few years ago, we realized that while we loved our current home, it just wasn't going to work for us long term. We knew that within the next 5 years, we'd need to expand. So - I put the "vibe" out there in El Segundo realtor world - letting a number of them know that we were casually looking for just the right property, we were patient and we knew what we wanted. We visited every open house in town, I think, over 2 years. We had a couple of potential houses that different realtors steered us to - but it wasn't until Scot texted me one day to tell me about a property that would be available soon that things started to click. He had really listened to my brief "wish-list" and he knew that this was the one. We toured it on a Sunday evening and made a verbal offer on the spot. The next day he drew up the paperwork, the sellers accepted, and the process was underway. During the sale itself, he was great to work with as he represented both the buyer and seller. We felt like he really supported us and tried to make it a win-win for both parties. We're super happy with our new home and recommend Scot highly.

Kelly C.

I have nothing but great things to say about Scot! He helped my husband and I sell our first home in Hawthorne and buy our dream home in El Segundo - and got us the best price possible for both! He is an excellent negotiator and we always trusted his opinion on what to do. He was never pushy, but also very honest. His exact words were that he wanted to make sure we bought a home that we would be able to enjoy for years and years to come and not one that we would have to sell in 3-5 years, just so he could get the business again. On top of that, he is extremely knowledgeable on the South Bay area (he knows everyone in El Segundo!), and spending time with him felt more like hanging out with a friend. Lucky for him we bought a house on the same street as him. He also has the BEST renovation tips. Would 100% recommend Scot to anyone looking to buy or sell their next home - no matter what area you are looking in.

Phoebe P.

I have only praise for Scot. He helped us with buying and selling our house in December. What I learned is that he truly goes over and beyond what realtors typically do. He is very communicative, responding to phone calls, texts, and emails right away. He took our concerns (no matter how small) seriously. He wants his clients to be happy and tries to make the process easier, because it can be quite complicated. He made our experience that much easier and smoother. Our buyers wanted the holes in the walls patched up (after we had already moved out) and he sent over his painter to paint them. A month after we had bought our house he emailed us to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. I could go on. He is not just trying to sell or buy a house but also working very hard to make sure his clients are well taken care of. I highly recommend him!

Mary M.

Our real estate transaction was not easy or straightforward. The couple buying our house needed to sell their house, buy our house and we needed to buy our next house all within a very tight deadline. Not only did Scot pull it off, he rocked it!! He was able to manage all three families and their needs without breaking a sweat. He stayed focused on getting each family into their dream home. He talked me off of a ledge several times. If not for him, I know we would not be in our dream home. I have bought 4 other homes with different real estate agents. I know that I have found my 'go-to guy' in Scot. He worked tirelessly and really cared about our wellbeing throughout the whole process. I really can not explain how pleased I was and am throughout the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend Scot for all of your real estate needs.

Michael S.

Scot and Alicia were awesome to work with. Scot listened to what we were looking for and found us an amazing house in El Segundo. He is super knowledgable about the El Segundo neighborhood having gown up in the area. He was also our listing agent and was able to help us sell our previous condo in Santa Monica quickly and at a great price. On both sides he made the process go smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Whenever an issue did come up he used his team of vetted partners like electricians and plumbers to take care of it, and they were also awesome to work with. If you want to find a house right now, go with the other agents, if you want to find the right house, go with Scot.

Matt G.

I have dealt with a lot of realtors both buying and selling homes and Scot is by far the best. Scot truly cares about his clients and making sure they are happy and get the best deal possible. He was never pushy and always proactive. Furthermore, he possesses so many intangibles that are unique and valuable. For example, Scott has always lived in El Segundo and so he is really helpful about pros / cons of location. As someone that is going to do a major remodel of the house we bought, his vast experience with similar situations and referrals to architects, builders, etc. was really helpful. Thanks for everything, Scot!

Kelly M.

Scot Nicol helped me and my family with the sale of my grandparents' El Segundo home of 70+ years after they passed in 2018. Having known Scot and his character for years I knew he would be the right person to assist our family. Knowing of our loss he was sensitive, warm, and empathetic. In handling the sale of the house he was honest, professional, knowledgeable, strategic, and diligent. We were very pleased with the outcome of the sale. I'd highly recommend Scot for anyone looking for help with their real estate needs.

Corrie C.

Scot helped us sell our townhouse and purchase our house (off-market sale) in under 30 days. He kept his cool and he was able to dodge a couple hurdles (home inspection request and first offer falling through). We were very pleased with the process.

Barry G.

Scot found me a rental property in the neighborhood I wanted and for the budget I had. I have owned it for 3 years and it keeps paying off. This is not near his office but he got to know everything we needed for this location. Thanks Nicol Team.

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